A New World Table Tennis No.1 (Non-Chinese)

Dima New world no.1 table tennis
Dima – New World No.1

A New World Table Tennis no.1

A new World no.1 Table Tennis player has been listed this month (July 2018). The sport has been dominated by China over the past 20 years. China has predominately ruled table tennis since its existence and non-table tennis players associate the sport with China.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, the game is dominated by China. I say both fortunately and unfortunately because having the largest population on the planet enables the sport to flourish in front of millions. Unfortunately, the sport gains little credibility outside of China which has a huge impact on the sport. and it may be the most dominated sport on the planet by a single nation.

How do sports flourish?

Many sports flourish due to unpredictable outcomes. Leicester FC is a wonderful example of Footballing unpredictability! This gives the sport a sense of “anything can happen” we all love miracles and spectators can watch in hope even if they are the underdogs. Where in sports like Table Tennis, even a non-TT player will say “are the Chinese still the best?” The outcome is known by everyone and this currently disables the sport for both players and spectators!

A new world table tennis no.1

But after 7 years we have a new non-Chinese world no.1 Dimitri Oscharov. Dima has done something which many wouldn’t believe possible. Due to the dominance of fellow competitors: Zhang Jike, Ma Long, Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong but Dima has managed to take the no.1 spot despite this formidable opposition.

What does this mean?

Well, it gives hope!
Everyone on the tour now can see that you don’t have to be Chinese to be world no.1. If you work smart and hard and believe in yourself and your team, you can achieve the unthinkable!

I’ve always believed Dima could reach this position, I don’t think he is the most talented player nor do I believe he is the best player but boy, does he possess desire. The new ranking system is based on the current form of players and their playing activity. There are arguments for and against the new system but I’m swaying towards liking it. I would also hope to see this kind of ranking system implemented in England. Dima’s vision, belief and desire is unquestionably the highest I’ve seen in over a decade. Before Dima it was players like Jean-Micheal Saive, Jean-Philip Gatien and Wenger Schlager. These past European players were not the most gifted like Waldner, Samsonov, Karakasovic and Appelgren. Nevertheless these players they possessed hearts of lions. You could see it written all over their faces and their body language, they possessed the eyes of a tiger.

It can be done

Will seeing Dima’s ‘Grit’ in achieving his goal, push others players to be inspired and obtain that belief required to achieve greatness?

Hopefully, Dima’s achievement will encourage more players around the globe to step up, and possibly then we could see a rejuvenated sport. More worldly competition can also introduce new pathways for growth and development both from within and outside the sport of table tennis.

If you desire something enough it will more often than not, find a way into your life, so go and make your vision happen.

Written Eli Baraty

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