Senior British League

I played my first competition (Senior British League) in possibly 5 years last weekend. It was the Championship Division (the second highest division in the country).

My team ‘Wymondham’ was struggling and I was asked to chip in, plus bring one of my star students to aid the team in survival from relegation.

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Senior British League


Table Tennis Tournament Facilities:

It was my first time at Sycamore table tennis club and I’m always happy to see dedicated clubs. But on this occasion, the club did not have the appropriate facilities to cater for such an event. Set in two small halls with a cramped feel was a shameful experience, for the Championship Division.

My player Gregoire who plays division 1 in France was in shock and expressed his thoughts:

  1. Two separate halls produced a poor environment & feel
  2. Cramped space disallowed for spectators
  3. Team spirit was poor; players unsupportive, players on their phones instead of watching and supporting teammates, players walking off after losing and not seen until it’s their turn to play!

It was very sad to witness and worse off to hear this from a foreign player.
I would like to see better playing conditions and a system which brings players together in a supportive manner, creating a team spirit throughout the event.

Can you make any suggestions?

To grow our sport, we need to find ways to develop and in order to do this, we must have an attractive seen for the youth to aspire towards.

Written by Eli Baraty

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