Table Tennis Vs Smartphones

What is your opinion, when using smartphones in table tennis tournaments or in the training hall?

10 years ago, the most you could do with your phone was; call someone, take a picture and play snakes. Today your phone is like a computer in your hands…

Smart Phones:
Table Tennis Vs Smartphones
Table Tennis vs Smartphones
The ability to play games, email, phone, text, surf the net and entertain friends on social media has given most of us access to entertainment at any time.

The problem:

Having access to virtually anything on the planet at a flick of a finger has its pros and cons.
When you enter a table tennis hall or tournament, take a minute to look around, you will find many players on their phones if they are off the table. Unfortunately, people nowadays are tapping away on their phones constantly and this occurs before, during and after a table tennis event or training.

Every sport requires focus:

In order to tap into peak performance, your mind has to be clear. You must hone your attention towards the goal and outcome you require. Our minds are super powerful and because of this, most of us fail to use it efficiently!

Success comes via control over your mind and body.

Put it away: If you don’t put your phone away when training or in a competition your results will be affected (FACT). Constantly looking and playing on your phone takes away your concentration. If you are able to focus on the event only, then you will amplify your results.
Distraction: We all like to have a look at social media and check if we have any messages or calls. Here’s an example of what you are doing, try to ride a bike while looking to the left or right the whole time. You’ll be able to ride the bike but sooner or later you will have an accident. When we play or train, our focus should be on the task at hand and avoid distractions.

Promoting your success or failure:

It’s a pleasure when you’re doing well and naturally, you wish to share your success. It can also work the other way, if you lose or have had poor results, it’s nice to gain support and words of wisdom from your social network. But Unfortunately, publishing your footsteps prior, during and after table tennis is a clear sign that your focus is spread out. Let others post for you on your behalf or wait until your training or event has completely finished. Once ended, then allow yourself to express your thoughts and feelings on social media and other forms of communication.

Focus and Time:

We live in an age of instant gratification and that often distracts us from achieving greatness.
In order to achieve something great special and to be truly proud of, you need focus alongside quality time. When you focus on something and spend plenty of time on that task, then you can hold your head up high.

*Take control over your body and mind and focus on what you truly want to achieve.

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Written By Eli Baraty
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